The Banda Islands have at least 30 dive sites, all of them have healthy reef system with huge sea fans, sponges, and never ending beds of hard corals. The sheer amount of fish both large and small is astounding.

Big fish and pelagic are definitely the most obvious attraction for divers at The Banda Islands, such as hammerhead shark, dogtooth tuna, mobula ray, and many more.

But, interesting topography such as spectacular archway in Hatta Island or the anomaly regrowth of hard corals on the Lava Flow will make your diving The Banda Islands memorable.



Our dive centre was established three years ago with dive instructor (1), divemaster (2), and rescue divers (2) as a dive guides.

The Banda Islands has 30 dive sites, range from 5 minutes to 35 minutes boat ride. Best seasons to dive are from March to June and September to mid December.



Diving during the right season is usually comfortable, with mild currents and good visibility, but our dive master will definitely warn you of some sites that are subject to strong currents.



We arrange dive trip packages, for minimum participant of 4 persons:


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