How To Get Here

Since the 16th century or even earlier, people from all over the world travelled to The Banda Islands to find nutmeg and other spices, travelling without Google map or GPS. We are sure that nowadays it will be not difficult to find your way to The Banda Islands!

First, fly into Indonesia, entering either through Jakarta or Bali. Once in Indonesia, there are local airlines that fly to Ambon. If you manage to arrive in Ambon before 8 am, then connect directly with the small plane for 1,5 hours flight or take an air-conditioned fast boat at 9 am for a five hour ride to The Banda Islands.

If you arrive in Ambon after 9 am, this means you will have to stay overnight in Ambon and catch the next transport to Banda the following morning. The small plane’s schedule can be changeable, it would be better to enquire the availability long before you arrive in Ambon. The plane has baggage restriction (max. 10 kg/pax). The fast boat is twice a week, Tuesday and Saturday, 9 am from Ambon to Banda and back to Ambon at the same time the following day.